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Tailor Birds are now on the road full time.


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  • Day off,& we found this magical the beautiful town of #ravenna Great end to the day.  #concert #italy #community
  • Photo of day, day 2!! Out on the main streets, yesterday afternoon, that was immense!!!!!!! Day off today to head out to some little local towns....then we're back tomoro (Tuesday eve), 8.30pm til midnight.....come find us.  Just listen for the #electricviolin #ferrarabuskers #ferrarabuskersfestival #ferrara #crowd #busking #streets #castle @apemcmonkey

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After 10 years based in Melbourne, Australia, with a busy Australia-wide touring schedule, and numerous tours over in Europe, the Tailor Birds sound is now on the road FULL-TIME!!

Yes, we did it folks. We packed up the house, ended our lease and now tour full time. We bought a Toyota Hiace Commuter and turned it into a mobile home and pop-up music venue. Averaging 5 shows per week, the Tailor Birds sound is all about bringing positive energy and good vibes to their audience, that is as diverse as much as it is one. We’re 7 weeks in, and having played over 25 shows through 20 or so towns, all is well.

On the road from mid-Feb 2017 onwards, you can follow us as we spread the good vibes of electric violin, live looping, foley art, this is an inspirational journey, with moving tales of love, hopes, and dreams. So come catch us at a show or 2……we’ll be popping up literally everywhere and anywhere – festivals, gigs, market shows, street pop ups, Australia wide.

“I’m not sure where the road will lead, but I know it’s headed somewhere good, as my heart is warm.”


Back on the road and headed to Europe!!

As I sit here in the beautiful countryside, just outside of Sydney, I can’t believe how time has flown by so fast, it’s already July.  Last time news item, it…

The Road Is An Interesting One

What a period its’ been since we last posted some news in early April.  If you don’t follow our social media – facebook and instagram, you may not know the news……just over…

We’re now on tour full-time….what a feeling

Three months since our last news post……that feels like a long time ago, and 2016, what a year that was.  Sorry for such a delay, but 2016 was a busy…

Christmas is coming, and the year is wrapping up

Well what a year it’s been, we’re on the cusp of posting some thrilling news, whilst also updating the website with new elements, but for now, we thought we’d keep…

Gosh, it’s been a while since our last post, but we’re now back in Australia!!

I can’t quite believe it’s been a whole 3 months since our last news post……gosh, how does time go by so fast.  With lots of goings on, to keep up…

Nicely settled in Holland, the Europe tour has begun!!

Just over a week ago, I jumped on a jet plane in Melbourne, and 20 hours or so later, arrived in Holland.  It’s great to be back, getting on a…

The new Tailor Birds album, ‘Wide Awake I See The Storm’ is coming!!

Just a little bit of exciting news for you guys……we’ve been touring, recording, getting artwork done, booking shows, playing shows, doing publicity work, and it’s now, nearly time to head…

The album has been sent off to print, & Europe is comin…!!

Another week rolls by, and Melbourne is settling into winter time. What weather we’ve been having in Australia, it’s been quite intense. NSW and QLD have been devastated by storms…

Back from tour, and back in the studio…

It’s been a couple months since I last wrote a post, and figured it was time to update you all.  The last time we spoke, we’d just arrived in Queensland,…

We’re headed off on tour.

It’s the end of Feb, and doesn’t time go by quick. But all is well. So just a quick note to keep u guys updated….we’ve now arrived in Queensland. The…


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    The Milk Market, Limerick, Ireland
    Limerick Milk Market
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    23 Wicklow St, Dublin 2, D02 VH59, Ireland
    Downstairs in the International Bar
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    Heuvel 12, 5038 CN Tilburg, Netherlands
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    Het Plein, Hague city centre
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