Tailor Birds is Sophie Kinston, electronic violinist.  This is music that soothes the soul, warms the spirit, and ignites your passion.  This is the latest act to come onto the international touring circuit, currently touring through Australia and Europe.  World folk at its’ finest, music at its’ most raw, T.Birds combine live looping, foley art, and rich harmonised vocals, to create a sound like no other.

A sound that is all about the vibe and positive energy, building an audience that is as diverse as much as it is one, you could say that Sophie is a travelling troubadour.  She believes that music should not just be about playing one gig after another with just the music making impact, but is also about connecting people to something good again, in a world that is constantly changing.  Music needs to inspire, and placing Tailor Birds in a space that can do just that, it makes an impact greater than you could ever imagine.

Constantly pushes to do a range of shows – festivals, gigs, supports, but also markets and street shows, to connect with and provide music to the general public, Tailor Birds was formed in 2012, touring through NSW, QLD, SA, & VIC, and through Europe each summer.

After touring with her band through the years, Tailor Birds has now stripped back to doing more solo shows, promoting her work in a grassroots fashion, inspiring others, one step at a time.  Ever changing and also challenging herself with new energies, in 2017 she packed up her house, ended her lease and now lives on the road.  Purchasing a Toyota Hiace Commuter, she turned it into a mobile home and pop-up music venue for all Australian work, whilst also heading to Europe each summer.  However, the story continues, and whilst in Byron Bay she slipped and broke her ankle, causing a re-assessment of her work.  With 9 screws and a metal plate inserted into her left ankle, unable to walk or weight bear for 6 weeks, her time was re-evaluated, and Sophie was able to step out with a new outlook, and with greater meaning to her work.

And with this in mind, she headed out on a 5th European summer tour.  This year adding Italy into the mix, playing Ferrara Buskers street festival, the Tailor Birds are now back in Australia, rejuvenated and with hope for a better future.  Always conscious that any gig can be the last gig, each show has huge value, and this is relayed within her stories and passion for her work.

Sophie whilst playing solo shows, also brings in the talents of others, for the larger shows…..Australian VCA graduate Daniel Brates (percussion/drums), various guest musicians in Europe incl. Jerome d’Odeurs (piano/guitar), Bob Glynn (drums, Ireland), Mark Flynn (guitar, Ireland), Pete Flood (drums, UK), Rick van der Ree (beats/electronics), bass player Daan from Dutch act, the Bucket Boyz, Vincent Kuyvenhoven (Dutch guitarist), and more.

Whilst ever adaptable, and ever changing, Tailor Birds constantly strives to bring positive energy to her audiences.  Shows are not just about gigs, but are about other worldly experiences, worlds where crowds can become immersed inside a multi-sensory exploration. The public experiences a moment in time, that has never been and will never be.  Live is where the music, the energy, the passion, and the artistry of Tailor Birds truly comes alive.


  • Based on the east coast of Australia, Sophie now tours full time through Australia via Hatch, her converted Toyota Hiace Commuter.  Tailor Birds has done numerous album launches, residencies, and various other shows and festivals through VIC, Australia, including FRL, Panacea, Bushtival, and Yea Arts Carnivale, supporting and performed alongside acts such as Sally Dastey, Ryan Meeking, DD Dumbo, Rachel By The Stream, Dallas Frasca, Dear Plastic, Pataphysics, Ma Petite and more.
  • Releasing 2nd album ‘Wide Awake I See The Storm’ in August ’16, she is set to release a half hour lullaby, in late Dec ’17, with a best of  in early 2018, whilst also prepping for album no.3.


  • Tailor Birds have just returned from their 5th European tour July – Oct 2017, launching the preview of new record, White Feather, a half hour lullaby and radio version.  With over 50 shows through Holland, Ireland, UK, Italy, Switzerland & France, they’ve performed numerous festivals over the years, namely this year, Holland’s Castlefest, Fantasia Fest, Landjuweel, & Taribush Kuna, Ireland’s Boyle Arts Fest this year, and Italy’s Ferrara Buskers.
  • With the success of the 2017 tour, Tailor Birds are now looking at how to handle 2018, looking to broaden the places they perform, whilst also stepping up the visuals side of their work.
  • Tailor Birds’ aim to bring their music to not only their fans, but also to bring a bit of shining light to the general public.
  • Each tour has included 20 plus shows/festivals/livestreamed events, in the summer of 2013, 2014, 2015 & 2016


  • Having returned from a 5th European tour, Tailor Birds are launching new record, a half hour lullaby ‘White Feather’ throughout the eastern side of Australia Nov ’17 – June ’18
  • With market shows, gigs, pop up gigs out by the harbour, waterside, and numerous beaches throughout Australia, they will also be heading to Byron Bay Bluesfest, and St Albans Folk Fest.
  • Also looking at 2018 Europe summer touring – June – Nov ’18 likely, through Holland, Ireland, UK, Italy, France, and further afield, with longer stints in each area.


  • Debut album ‘Runaway Sailors, Stay at Home Wives’ in Holland in 2012,& released in 2013
  • Live at Club Zonnemaire EP recorded the past couple years,& released in 2015
  • 1st single, ‘Winters’ Fall’, late ’15
  • 2nd single, ‘Ashen’, July ’16
  • 2nd album, ‘Wide Awake I See The Storm’ in August ’16
  • Half hour lullaby ‘White Feather’ looking to be released in Dec 2017
  • ‘Best Of’ released in March / April 2018
  • Album no.3 release 2018 date tbc

Tailor Birds is creatively lead by composer and techno/loop/folk violinist Sophie Kinston, a Graduate of the Victorian College of the Arts (Australia) and Chichester University – fine art and music performance (UK).  Having performed for songwriters, incl. Rosie Burgess Trio, Hussy Hicks, Marshall O’Kell, Sally Dastey, Freya Hanley and more, Sophie Kinston formed Tailor Birds in 2012, building something that was all about the vibe and experience for the audience.

Her musical pieces are little worlds which are inspired by her travels, music teachers, fellow musicians and the emotions/events of life.  Little riffs turn into songs and old found scraps of musical pieces can start the birth of a new sound score. Coming from many musical back grounds, a diversity of musical styles also provide a huge pool of inspiration for Sophie.  The music she writes, tell tales of love, loss, fear, and fantasy; but also hopes, dreams, resurrection, rejuvenation and that anything is possible!

Tailor Birds’ key influences are Sigur Ros, the Kronos Quartet, Bear’s Den, Chet Faker and more. 

For more information: Contact us.

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