Our musicians

Erika Kertesz

Photo of Erika Kertesz

There are plenty of voices on the Hungarian jazz scene, but there’s one that made the Tailor Birds sit up and take notice. Erika Kertész has a throaty, soothing mezzo range and a melancholy sincerity. Her pure intonation, expressive bending of the blue notes and a magnetism that will draw you in, quietly but surely. She’s a perfect Tailor Birds match.

Erika is performing with the Tailor Birds at Antarctica, Taribush Kuna and Arts Carnivale in the Netherlands and at all of the Tailor Birds’ German shows.

Cato Fluitsma

Photo of Cato FluitsmaTailor Birds was immediately drawn to singer and accordionist Cato Fluitsma’s versatility and magic. Whether she performs for a handful of friends or a room full of strangers, she always puts her heart in and it shows. Her versatility and skill make performing with her an absolute dream.

Cato is performing with the Tailor Birds at Ketelhuis in Eindhoven and Korsakov in Antwerp.

Ola Szmidt

Photo of Ola SzmidtOla Szmidt is a vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, improviser, flautist, a master of the loop station and pretty fun to have around.

With haunting emotion and finesse, Ola Szmidt’s voice shapes sounds to create atmosphere in any space. Her intuitive and unique sense of harmony enchants her audiences; giving new meaning to songs sung in both English and her native tongue, Polish.
—Sisters of Song,

Ola is performing with Tailor Birds in Switzerland and at all shows in the UK and Ireland.

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