Back on the road and headed to Europe!!

As I sit here in the beautiful countryside, just outside of Sydney, I can’t believe how time has flown by so fast, it’s already July.  Last time news item, it was the end of May, and I was recovering from a broken ankle.  What a period that was.  Desperately trying to regain my strength, getting over this massive injury, I was determined to get back into things.  Whilst maintaining balanced recovery, you’ve gotta keep going, otherwise you just stand still.  It’s a case of making small actions, small steps, and with each little progression, things get better.

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The Road Is An Interesting One

What a period its’ been since we last posted some news in early April.  If you don’t follow our social media – facebook and instagram, you may not know the news……just over 6 weeks ago, over the Easter weekend period, I was playing at the Bluesfest busking competition.  42 acts were selected, including the Tailor Birds……and that night, after I played the semi-finals, I went to park our van, and had a bit of an accident.  I broke my ankle.  A visit to the hospital confirmed this, we had a tri malleolar fracture.  It’s been quite an intense period, and so it’s definitely been a time of recovery and figuring out how to move forward.  So now that our news has been laid out, we can fill you in on the backstory, and how this period has gone.

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We’re now on tour full-time….what a feeling

Three months since our last news post……that feels like a long time ago, and 2016, what a year that was.  Sorry for such a delay, but 2016 was a busy one.  Last year saw the release of new single, Ashen, & album #2 ‘Wide Awake I See The Storm’, we did our 4th European tour & some Aussie touring through VIC, QLD, NSW, & SA.  We also played a run of shows inside & outside an actual climbing wall in Brunswick, Melbourne, we had some pretty special radio airplay from numerous stations around Australia & Europe, and we also had a lush Rhythms magazine review of the new album.  It’s great to read some really special reviews of the album, and it’s of course thanks to the guys at Foghorn Publicity who do our Aussie publicity.  Looking back over that list…, how is it possible we did all that……I can’t quite believe it myself.

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Christmas is coming, and the year is wrapping up

Well what a year it’s been, we’re on the cusp of posting some thrilling news, whilst also updating the website with new elements, but for now, we thought we’d keep things simple, and just say Merry Christmas!! Hope you’re all well, and wrapping up the year with at least a moment to reflect or take a few hours break from all the craziness that life generally tends to bring.
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Gosh, it’s been a while since our last post, but we’re now back in Australia!!

I can’t quite believe it’s been a whole 3 months since our last news post……gosh, how does time go by so fast.  With lots of goings on, to keep up our news here, well, that took a backseat…..but all is well, everyone, we’re moving along.  And finally, here we are, a news post!!

The last time we spoke, I’d arrived in Europe, in beautiful Amsterdam.  We’d just played Taribush Kuna fest, & the De Bazaar market, and were headed to a house concert type show, & Fantasia Fest in Roden.  The start of our 4th European tour, with the new album in tow, our seeded paper with music clips on, and beers from our dutch brewer, Brouwerij Klein Duimpje in Hillegom, all was good.

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Nicely settled in Holland, the Europe tour has begun!!

Just over a week ago, I jumped on a jet plane in Melbourne, and 20 hours or so later, arrived in Holland.  It’s great to be back, getting on a bike, riding round the canals and generally seeing the beauty that is Amsterdam.
After all the work of recording the new album, mixing, mastering, getting artwork made, getting it to print, the new album is ready, and able to be brought to all our fans in Europe, perfect timing for the album launch tour through Holland, Ireland, and the UK this summer.
And so I arrived in Holland, and the first thing was to drop off all my luggage – violin, pedals, merch, clothes, and all things for the tour, and to head to Brouwerij Klein Duimpje, a local brewer in Hillegom, a little bit south west of Amsterdam.  I wanted to not only bring the new album on cd format, but also bring a special release item that was distinctly Dutch…..and so we linked up with a Dutch brewer.  And in linking up, we made a special release bottle of beer with album download code for our dutch fans – buy a beer, buy an album……And so this is now made up, and with physical albums also in tow, things are looking good.  We may make these available to order for anyone not in Holland, we’ll see what’s possible!!

Beer imageAfter picking up the beer, I got over the jet lag, and got myself ready to start the tour….just a few days later, headed to Dwingeloo, for our first tour date, at the wonderful Taribush Kuna festival.  One of my favourite festivals around, it’s set in the beautiful dutch forest, with some beautiful people running the whole thing.  It was great to see the festival growing in a nice chilled way – with additional stages, cool additions of brewers and hairdressers, WWF, and of course the beautiful sculpture dotted around the festival.

We played 2 shows, opening the Café de Guanaco stage, did 2 sound recording workshops, and teamed up with the boys from Bovenste Knoopje Open, the perfect mix of theatre, cabaret, music, poetry, and of course humor.  They jumped up and played some tunes with Tailor Birds, and vice versa, with the festival then asking us to do a special combo show late Saturday afternoon.  Lots of fun, the boys are great, love ’em.  This may continue in some form, perhaps get them up for another show or 2, you’ll have to wait and see….who knows what’s possible…..anything is possible, so keep your eyes and ears peeled.

Taribush Kuna009.JPG

Taribush Kuna007.JPG
Following Taribush Fri and Sat, I headed to the De Bazaar market for a Sunday early afternoon show……the market is massive, I’ve never seen anything like it, it’s amazing.  So many people, so many treats surrounding you, we had a beautiful stage set up, and was a great way to end the weekend.  Then, back to Amsterdam, to get ready for a bit of a last minute booked in house concert type show on Friday night, and then onto the wonderful fantasy festival, FantasiaFest on Sat/Sun.  Set in Roden, near to Groningen, north of Amsterdam, in a beautiful forest, it should be a fun one, a perfect continuation on from Taribush Kuna vibes.

And so…..not sure when I’ll be able to post next, so here’s a bit of cuteness for you……



And in case you don’t know where we’re headed next, following Fantasia Fest, are some more festivals, Castlefest, plus the amazing Landjuweel which we’ve just heard our set times for, plus the wonderful Sonsbeekmarkt in Arnhem.  So keep your eyes peeled…..and check our tour dates

And keep checking our facebook page for our Where’s Wally weekly Tailor Birds events – Know where we are… where we are.  These are starting up tomorrow, Fri 29th July ’16 – with a different Tailor Birds track off the new album up for grabs each week.  Want to know more……check out our facebook page.  And til next time, we’ll see you soon, cos the album launch tour of 2nd album, Wide Awake I See The Storm, is full steam ahead.

The new Tailor Birds album, ‘Wide Awake I See The Storm’ is coming!!

Just a little bit of exciting news for you guys……we’ve been touring, recording, getting artwork done, booking shows, playing shows, doing publicity work, and it’s now, nearly time to head off to Europe on a bit of an album pre-release tour.  In preparation for the this album release, we’ve made up a little video, announcing album #2 Wide Awake I See The Storm pre-release dates, and of course thought we should share this here!!  Have a watch, we hope you enjoy.

The album has been sent off to print, & Europe is comin…!!

Another week rolls by, and Melbourne is settling into winter time. What weather we’ve been having in Australia, it’s been quite intense. NSW and QLD have been devastated by storms and crazy weather, though here in Melbourne we’ve had things a bit easier, thankfully. Of course, our thoughts go out to everyone who has been affected.

And here in Melbourne, we’ve been hard at work, finishing off the new Tailor Birds 2nd album. What a job its’ been, but it’s now complete – a lush combination of electric violin, vocals, electronics, guitars, brass, drums and more, this album features some amazing musicians. I can’t believe it, but we’re now done. All final tracks, recording, mixing, mastering, and the art work, have all come together, to completion, and it is now at the replication plant, on it’s way to becoming a physical album. You guys, our wonderful fans can now finally hold this in your hands.
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Back from tour, and back in the studio…

It’s been a couple months since I last wrote a post, and figured it was time to update you all.  The last time we spoke, we’d just arrived in Queensland, and since the last piece of news, we’ve been touring, recording, and amongst other developments and changes, and our 2nd album release date is soon to be announced.
The Winters’ Fall single launch tour is now complete – we played a run of shows in QLD, NSW, and SA – various gigs, little markets, and some brewery/winery shows.  We went through some beautiful towns – Peregian Beach, Byron Bay, Brisbane, Sydney, Wollongong, Newcastle, Adelaide, and of course back in VIC, for the Sedona Wine Estate’s Easter Sunday, and Melbourne for the Harvest Festival at the Ceres environmental park.

The shows went well, it was great to take the Tailor Birds sound to other Australian towns outside of VIC, see how people responded. We were lucky enough to have a wonderful local musician Felicity Burdett, join us for the QLD shows.  We then did solo and duo shows in NSW, and our newest Tailor Birds member, Sean Crowley on guitar, joined us for SA.  The tour went well, it looks like we’ll be doing some more Australia wide touring later this year.
We weren’t able to make it to the other side of Australia (WA, and far north Queensland, central Australia, and down in Tassie), though we hope to head that way later this year, or in early 2017 if possible, alongside returning to QLD, NSW, and SA of course.

In the past few weeks, we’ve had a few band changes for the Australian shows.
We sadly said goodbye to Anthony Winnick (vocals/guitar) who has gone onto some other projects of his own, and we wish him well.  His vocals we’re glad to say, feature on a couple of the tracks on the new album, so that’s good news.
We also welcomed newest member, guitarist Sean Crowley into the Tailor Birds fold, for the Australian shows at least.  He’s brought in some really cool, tasteful vibes to the Tailor Birds sound, and the trio is sounding pretty lush, what with drums from Daniel, guitar from Sean, and myself on electric violin and vocals, all is well.  There’s even a few surprises brewing…..

BACK IN MELBOURNE, WE’VE RECORDING NEWS…….we’ve a short break from shows, and it’s now back into the studio, finishing off the final few tracks of the new album, set for release in both Australia and Europe this year.  This is an album recorded in all sorts of places, all over the world, with some amazing guest musicians.  More news re. that to come…..but for now, just a little bit more to do, and we’ll be done.  WOOOOOOOOP!!!

So……you’ll soon be able to hear all our hard work, and get your very own copy…literally in just a few months.  We’ve released new single Winters’ Fall, so stay tuned for the release date of the full length album, as it’s coming soon.
So….dates, gigs, tours, recordings, releases……it’s all happening.  STAY TUNED, and look after yourselves.  Sophie  xx

For now, here’s the latest tour video which finishes up our Winters’ Fall single launch tour, taken whilst in South Australia this last month.


We’re headed off on tour.

It’s the end of Feb, and doesn’t time go by quick. But all is well. So just a quick note to keep u guys updated….we’ve now arrived in Queensland. The single launch tour of the new single is underway, with some really nice select shows through some of the main towns in Australia. I thought we’d test the waters here in Oz, at the start of the year, steadily progressing with some brewery shows, winery shows, market gigs, and some very cool local venues through Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, and further afield slightly smaller towns, such as Wollongong, Byron Bay, Peregian Beach, and more. So check out our tour dates……we’re booking in more shows as we go, and most of the shows are free, so no reason not to come!!

And if you know anyone in the areas, spread the word. We’re an independent act, and word of mouth and good vibes totally helps!! And so with no further ado, we’re headed to town near you, debut album and new single in tow, plus some free little birdseed packs, and………..the new digital copy of the new single Winters’ Fall – birdseed cake, download code, and plantable paper to get your very own bottlebrush / swan river daisy plant. Nearly 100% environmentally friendly, it’s a piece of beauty!! So if you haven’t been able to get some of our music, then this is the time to get it. And in case you didn’t know, here are the birdseed cakes……(not for human consumption, even if it might look like a muesli bar, it’s for the wild birds)

23 22 21

So look after yourselves, and we’ll hopefully see u at a show or 2!! Sophie xx

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