Hello Everybody, Welcome To Our 2019

Well happy new year everybody.  Hope you made it through 2018, relatively unscathed.  What a year, and it’s now almost February, how does time go by just like that.  Last year was full.  With over 140 shows through Australia & Europe, we also produced & released two Tailor Birds records.  With ‘Stilts on the Water’ in Feb, and ‘Where will we go to break free from the Crows’  in Oct, both had a great response.  Despite the fact that cds are slowly on the way out, particularly in a world that is shifting to online digital streaming services, rather than cd sales, it’s great to see that people still buy them.  And so my huge thanks go to everyone who has picked up a copy of these new records, plus to some amazing radio support we’ve had throughout Australia,& to the reviews in various magazines, incl. Rhythms mag.
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It’s July 2018 and we’re back in Europe!!

Hey everybody, how are you all? It’s already July, and the year seems to have gone by in a second. Quite unbelievable, but all’s well, and finally some time to post some news here. On the road full time for nearly 2 years, with tours through Australia and Europe each year, things are well, and here we are, back in Europe for a 6th tour. When I try and put everything that happens whilst on the road into words, the ups and downs, the challenges and the achievements, it’s difficult. It’s more about landmark events, created over time, the bigger picture.
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Back in Australia, And Back from Europe!!

Well folks, here I am, back in Australia, returned from Europe summer tour no.5.  With shows through Holland, Italy, and Ireland, with a few spots in Switzerland, France and the UK, we played 50 or so shows in just over 3 months, I can’t believe we got through it all, and made it back!!  It’s quite unbelievable if I think about.  Though sorry for such a delay in this new post…..time goes by so fast, you don’t even realise it.

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Back on the road and headed to Europe!!

As I sit here in the beautiful countryside, just outside of Sydney, I can’t believe how time has flown by so fast, it’s already July.  Last time news item, it was the end of May, and I was recovering from a broken ankle.  What a period that was.  Desperately trying to regain my strength, getting over this massive injury, I was determined to get back into things.  Whilst maintaining balanced recovery, you’ve gotta keep going, otherwise you just stand still.  It’s a case of making small actions, small steps, and with each little progression, things get better.
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The Road Is An Interesting One

What a period its’ been since we last posted some news in early April.  If you don’t follow our social media – facebook and instagram, you may not know the news……just over 6 weeks ago, over the Easter weekend period, I was playing at the Bluesfest busking competition.  42 acts were selected, including the Tailor Birds……and that night, after I played the semi-finals, I went to park our van, and had a bit of an accident.  I broke my ankle.  A visit to the hospital confirmed this, we had a tri malleolar fracture.  It’s been quite an intense period, and so it’s definitely been a time of recovery and figuring out how to move forward.  So now that our news has been laid out, we can fill you in on the backstory, and how this period has gone.
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We’re now on tour full-time….what a feeling

Three months since our last news post……that feels like a long time ago, and 2016, what a year that was.  Sorry for such a delay, but 2016 was a busy one.  Last year saw the release of new single, Ashen, & album #2 ‘Wide Awake I See The Storm’, we did our 4th European tour & some Aussie touring through VIC, QLD, NSW, & SA.  We also played a run of shows inside & outside an actual climbing wall in Brunswick, Melbourne, we had some pretty special radio airplay from numerous stations around Australia & Europe, and we also had a lush Rhythms magazine review of the new album.  It’s great to read some really special reviews of the album, and it’s of course thanks to the guys at Foghorn Publicity who do our Aussie publicity.  Looking back over that list…, how is it possible we did all that……I can’t quite believe it myself.
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Christmas is coming, and the year is wrapping up

Well what a year it’s been, we’re on the cusp of posting some thrilling news, whilst also updating the website with new elements, but for now, we thought we’d keep things simple, and just say Merry Christmas!! Hope you’re all well, and wrapping up the year with at least a moment to reflect or take a few hours break from all the craziness that life generally tends to bring.
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Gosh, it’s been a while since our last post, but we’re now back in Australia!!

I can’t quite believe it’s been a whole 3 months since our last news post……gosh, how does time go by so fast.  With lots of goings on, to keep up our news here, well, that took a backseat…..but all is well, everyone, we’re moving along.  And finally, here we are, a news post!!

The last time we spoke, I’d arrived in Europe, in beautiful Amsterdam.  We’d just played Taribush Kuna fest, & the De Bazaar market, and were headed to a house concert type show, & Fantasia Fest in Roden.  The start of our 4th European tour, with the new album in tow, our seeded paper with music clips on, and beers from our dutch brewer, Brouwerij Klein Duimpje in Hillegom, all was good.

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Nicely settled in Holland, the Europe tour has begun!!

Just over a week ago, I jumped on a jet plane in Melbourne, and 20 hours or so later, arrived in Holland.  It’s great to be back, getting on a bike, riding round the canals and generally seeing the beauty that is Amsterdam.
After all the work of recording the new album, mixing, mastering, getting artwork made, getting it to print, the new album is ready, and able to be brought to all our fans in Europe, perfect timing for the album launch tour through Holland, Ireland, and the UK this summer. Read more

The new Tailor Birds album, ‘Wide Awake I See The Storm’ is coming!!

Just a little bit of exciting news for you guys……we’ve been touring, recording, getting artwork done, booking shows, playing shows, doing publicity work, and it’s now, nearly time to head off to Europe on a bit of an album pre-release tour.  In preparation for the this album release, we’ve made up a little video, announcing album #2 Wide Awake I See The Storm pre-release dates, and of course thought we should share this here!!  Have a watch, we hope you enjoy.

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