The album has been sent off to print, & Europe is comin…!!

Another week rolls by, and Melbourne is settling into winter time. What weather we’ve been having in Australia, it’s been quite intense. NSW and QLD have been devastated by storms and crazy weather, though here in Melbourne we’ve had things a bit easier, thankfully. Of course, our thoughts go out to everyone who has been affected.

And here in Melbourne, we’ve been hard at work, finishing off the new Tailor Birds 2nd album. What a job its’ been, but it’s now complete – a lush combination of electric violin, vocals, electronics, guitars, brass, drums and more, this album features some amazing musicians. I can’t believe it, but we’re now done. All final tracks, recording, mixing, mastering, and the art work, have all come together, to completion, and it is now at the replication plant, on it’s way to becoming a physical album. You guys, our wonderful fans can now finally hold this in your hands.
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Back from tour, and back in the studio…

It’s been a couple months since I last wrote a post, and figured it was time to update you all.  The last time we spoke, we’d just arrived in Queensland, and since the last piece of news, we’ve been touring, recording, and amongst other developments and changes, and our 2nd album release date is soon to be announced.
The Winters’ Fall single launch tour is now complete – we played a run of shows in QLD, NSW, and SA – various gigs, little markets, and some brewery/winery shows.  We went through some beautiful towns – Peregian Beach, Byron Bay, Brisbane, Sydney, Wollongong, Newcastle, Adelaide, and of course back in VIC, for the Sedona Wine Estate’s Easter Sunday, and Melbourne for the Harvest Festival at the Ceres environmental park.
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We’re headed off on tour.

It’s the end of Feb, and doesn’t time go by quick. But all is well. So just a quick note to keep u guys updated….we’ve now arrived in Queensland. The single launch tour of the new single is underway, with some really nice select shows through some of the main towns in Australia. I thought we’d test the waters here in Oz, at the start of the year, steadily progressing with some brewery shows, winery shows, market gigs, and some very cool local venues through Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, and further afield slightly smaller towns, such as Wollongong, Byron Bay, Peregian Beach, and more. So check out our tour dates……we’re booking in more shows as we go, and most of the shows are free, so no reason not to come!!
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The Australian Tour Is Upon Us!!

And so it’s been about a month since I last posted in our news section, and we have exciting news…we’re touring Australia – duo shows, band shows, solo shows, a whole heap of exciting gigs are comin up!!

Whilst we work on getting our 2nd album complete by May/June, we thought that we’d test the waters in a few of Australia’s most beautiful towns, and cities. We’ll be playing shows in Byron, Brisbane, Peregian Beach, Sydney, Wollongong, Adelaide, Melbourne of course, and a few other shows that we’ll announce as we go…we’ll be headed through the various towns a couple times, so that we can fit venues that couldn’t have us the first time, and so for now, here’s the first round of shows to be announced….we’ll also have some wonderful special guests including the great Felicity Burdett, and Nikolaine Martin joining us for a few shows.
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Xmas is here and 2016 is coming

How did that happen, with xmas just round the corner, the year is nearly up!!  In any case, since the release of our new single, Winters’ Fall, we’ve had some lush radio airplay in support of this.  We’re now looking forward to a little bit of downtime, getting ready for the year ahead.

And so as the new year gets closer, we’ve set up a page for anyone who wants to be a part of our T Birds road team, plus a bit of a drawing comp, the Violin Art Competition.  We send you free merch, discounted music, and various other goodies, and your help, spreading the word, directly enables Tailor Birds to grow.  You can check it out here :
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We’re back in Melbourne, and the new single is OUT!!

It’s been a couple months since our last post, and so we figured it’s time to update you all, including the release of the NEW SINGLE, Winters’ Fall.
I’m now back in Melbourne, sorting various bits before the new year hits – upcoming Australian tours, recording, some little competitions we’ll be running etc.

And looking back over the past few months, We had a successful 3rd European tour, performing through Holland, Switzerland, UK, and Ireland. Focusing on the places we have the most impact, we took over the new single, Winters’ Fall. From July – Sept ’15, with over 20 shows incl. Landjuweel, Taribush Kuna, a run of promo work, a refugee fundraiser, we also recorded part of the 2nd album, and sold out of albums whilst on the road.
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Winters’ Fall European Tour Diaries – The Complete Collection!

Have you been keeping up to date with our tour diaries? Here they all are in succession so you can follow Sophie’s journey.


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2 months in…..

I’m sitting on the train, headed to Birmingham…….i’m off to do our one show in the UK, at the Australian bar, The Walkabout. It’s a chain of Australian bars, and also houses the Free Love Club, every Sunday. After playing a number of shows in the UK over the past couple of years, anyone who has been to England, will know that it’s an expensive country to tour. There’s literally millions that live in London alone. However, a friend of mine, who coincidentally we met last year in Birmingham when touring the UK, and who also drove me through Ireland this year, runs the Free Love Club. So that and it being an Australian bar, are 2 wonderful reasons to play this show.
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We’ve arrived in Switzerland!!

It’s Monday afternoon, and i’m sitting in a little chalet up a mountain in Switzerland, in a beautiful town, Château-d’Oex, close to Montreux.  I’ve now spent nearly 2 months in Europe, touring the new single ‘Winters’ Fall’ and showcasing a lot of the new tracks which will be off the upcoming 2nd album.  I wanted to try them out, see what response we got.
Overall, things have been positive, and instead of performing in one town / country, and quickly moving onto the next, we’ve made a couple changes for this current tour :
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Landjuweel festival tomorrow and we cannot wait!!

A few weeks in, and I’ve been asked to play Landjuweel, a wonderful festival in Ruigoord, just outside of Amsterdam. I’m still quite amazed, and blown away to be honest, to have been asked to play.

For those who don’t know, I’m doing this tour mostly solo, playing a lot of new material that is also currently being recorded for the 2nd album. With electric violin, vocal harmonies, foley items (bubbled water, paper sounds, marbles etc.)…….it’s been quite amazing so far, seeing the response from everyone at our shows. Really nice to strip the sound back to its’ core.
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