We’re in Europe – recording, gigs, video…..

I arrived in Amsterdam a few weeks ago, and all is well.  We’ve begun recording more of the 2nd album, starting with two of the more recent tracks I’ve written, ‘Dancing in the Midday Sun’ and ‘Candied Lady Love’.  With some lush electronics slotted in, I cannot wait for the finished product.

Last weekend we headed to the Taribush Kuna festival in Dwingeloo, in the Dutch province of Drenthe.  A beautiful festival, we were looking forward to returning again this year.  We made some new friends – fire breathers/forest cleaners, the Greenthingz, and Basque country musicians (Tristan Crowley and his band).
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Europe dates!!

In a couple weeks we’re headed to Europe to do our Winters’ Fall Summer tour – The Summer of Pop-Ups, and we have dates for you!!  We’ll be bringing our new single, Winters’ Fall, and so I’m sure you’ll want to know where we’re playing??  We’ll be doing a select amount of shows, our favourite few, incl. :

  • Taribush Kuna festival, Dwingeloo, Holland – 9th – 12th July
  • Limerick Milk Market, Limerick, Ireland – 16th August
  • Konzerte Langstars, Zurich, Switzerland – 27th August
  • Dokhuis, Amsterdam, Holland – 17th Sept

Taribush Kuna will also include some music workshops each afternoon – Silver Beat Recordings –

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Our new blog is live, and Europe flights have been booked!!

This past month, we set up a new music blog, Tassels in the Sky  This is the behind the scenes, in depth look at what Tailor Birds does on and off the tour, plus day in the life stories from other independant artists that we love, and more.

Email us at : if you :

  • Want to write an article or become a reviewer
  • Want your album or show reviewed
  • Want some help with your own work – songwriting / advice on work as an independant artist / want some help for shows
  • Want to be involved but not quite sure what

So CHECK IT OUT, GET IN TOUCH!!  We’ll be doing weekly postings.

On another note, we’ve BOOKED FLIGHTS TO EUROPE!!
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‘Live at Club Zonnemaire’ released today!!

Live at Club Zonnemaire EP cover (album artwork)

It’s nearly the end of April, and that means it’s Live EP release time. So for all you fine folk, we’ve this special release coming your way, today!! Go check it out on :

Or order from our shop, and you’ll get a very cool custom made wooden USB stick, which holds 1 GB of data. Go to the Audio page to hear it, & head to the SHOP, and the BUY section, and you’ll see it!!

Physical copies are currently only available for sale on this website (, and at live shows. However, a digital version is also available on various digital sites – iTunes, Spotify, CD baby, Bandcamp and other distribution – which you’ll see appear in the coming months!!

Wooooop. Look after yourselves, as you are all wonderful, and you just…… blow us away. 🙂 Sophie xxx

Easter has come and gone, and the year is filling up!!

2015 has certainly kicked off!! We cannot believe how time flies. We’re heading with full speed ahead, to the end of April, it’s quite amazing. And so what’s news in the Tailor Birds world you ask?

We’ve been heads down, working away on a few projects, so we thought it was about time we filled you in, re. all tours, releases and more.

2014 saw Tailor Birds tour through Europe for the 2nd time, playing in some of our favorite venues along the way, as well as checking out and playing a few venues in Switzerland and Ireland for the first time. Switzerland was beautiful, and Ireland, what a cool part of the world!! We love you!!
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Home sweet home

Portrait photo Sophie KinstonWe’ve been home from Europe for six odd weeks now, and you’d think that we’d want to put our feet up and rest… But instead, we’ve been working on this beautiful little video of Sophie giving the low down on Tailor Birds.

We challenge you to find a musician who’s as passionate about she’s doing as this one is!


Ola’s incredible footage

Tailor Birds & Ola Szmidt @ Chilled In The Field festival 2014 on Vimeo-1It’s often hard to put into words how magical some of our experiences are when on tour. The festivals in particular have their own glorious madness.

That’s why it’s so wonderful to be able to share this gorgeous footage from our show at the UK’s Chilled in a Field festival in August this year.

Ola Mesmer, you’re such a clever thing—thank you!


But wait, there’s more

Our tour officially finished last week but we’ve been having such an amazing time that we just couldn’t bear to end it.

We’ve extended our tour with some last minute shows booked in Zurich and Amsterdam. Keep an eye on our tour dates for details. We’d love to see you one last time before we leave Europe (for real this time).

Livestream from Berlin

Photo of cherry blossom tree in EuropeCome to Berlin! All of you! You can count that as an official invitation.

We’re livestreaming our Berlin show this Saturday night, 16 August. And tickets are dead cheap—you can’t afford not to check this out.

Meet our friends on tour

One of the most exciting things about touring Europe is all of the amazing musicians we get to collaborate with. And when we say amazing, we mean AH-MAY-ZING!

Who knows, you may just find your next new favourite act.

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