On The Road

After 10 years based in Melbourne, Australia, with a busy Australia-wide touring schedule, and numerous tours over in Europe, the Tailor Birds sound is now on the road FULL-TIME!!

Yes, we did it folks.  We packed up the house, ended our lease and now tour full time.  We bought a Toyota Hiace Commuter and turned it into a mobile home and pop-up music venue.  Averaging 5 shows per week, the Tailor Birds sound is all about bringing positive energy and good vibes to their audience, that is as diverse as much as it is one.

We’re 7 weeks in, and having played over 25 shows through 20 or so towns, all is well.

On the road from mid-Feb 2017 onwards, you can follow us as we spread the good vibes of electric violin, live looping, foley art, this is an inspirational journey, with moving tales of love, hopes, and dreams.  So come catch us at a show or 2……we’ll be popping up literally everywhere and anywhere – festivals, gigs, market shows, street pop ups, Australia wide.

“I’m not sure where the road will lead, but I know it’s headed somewhere good, as my heart is warm.”

For more immediate info re.pop-up, and last minute add-ons gigs etc., you can follow the Tailor Birds sound via instagram, and facebook.  Plus, contact Sophie and her team, if you’re interested in booking them in for a house-concert, gig, festival, even a concert via livestream literally ANYWHERE!!!


What’s your fave part of the world, where do you want to see us play, or even see a live stream?? We want to hear from YOU!! Get in touch here.

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