Ashen (only available as a digital copy)


Tailor Birds’ latest release, is out as of the 26th Oct. And you can purchase it here!! This single features a combination of electric violin and storytelling at their finest, and uses a Pay What You Want system. By owning a copy of Winters’ Fall, you are playing your part in supporting independent music, and by purchasnig a copy of this single, you are supporting the work of Tailor Birds. We thank you for your support. You quite simply, blow us away!! Sophie xx


Ashen, the 2nd single release off Tailor Birds’ highly anticipated
follow up 2nd album, Wide Awake I See The Storm, is the perfect
continuation on from Winters’ Fall.

After the debut album release in 2013, the live ep in 2015, and
single, Winters’ Fall in late 2015, we hope you’ll enjoy this new
single. Rich in lyrics, vibe and energy, a backdrop of sound is
created from a combination of strings, vocals, percussion and more,
with the story at the heart of the music.

An electric violinist, Sophie’s songwriting is perhaps even more
powerful, as equal value is placed on lyrics and instrumentals. We
hope you’ll enjoy.


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