Special release live EP on wooden USB


Limited release—selling fast!

Tailor BirdsLive at Club Zonnemaire (EP)

This special release live ep shines a light on Tailor Birds’ more experimental, lesser known tracks, giving them a place in their own special release.

A special bonus track has also been added, and is reminiscent of the evenings’ atmosphere, recorded in Melbourne, Australia, ’15. It includes some very cool foley sounds, and brings in a sound that Tailor Birds are developing within some of their new material. A perfect crossover!!

‘Live at Club Zonnemaire’ is available on a special custom made wooden usb. It holds room for 1GB of data – perfect for adding more Tailor Birds tracks.

This usb is available for sale on the Tailor Birds website (, at live shows, and on Bandcamp. A digital version is of course, also available on various digital sites – iTunes, Spotify, CD baby, Bandcamp and other distribution.

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Limited release—selling fast!

Tailor BirdsLive at Club Zonnemaire (EP)

1/ Fallen  4.46
2/ All The Lights Become A Star  4.17
3/ Seconds  4.39
4/ Drifter Intro  4.23
5/ Lose Yourself  4.40
6/ Miss  4.34

Total running time: 27mins 19secs
Special Additive (bonus track) : 3 mins 57 secs

All songs written by Sophie Kinston / Tailor Birds
© Tailor Birds All Rights Reserved

All orders come with Tailor Birds birdseed to feed the birds.


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