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Winters’ Fall, the new single, from our forthcoming 2nd album, is out now on digital distribution.  We’ve sold out of physical cds, however, we have physical digital copies.  So don’t fret, as you can get your copy here!!

Where can you get a copy??  From our bandcamp site, itunes, spotify, amazon, and multiple other streaming sites, and you can also get a physical digital copy that is almost 100% environmentally friendly.

Order the single, and we’ll send you a fun little package including the following :

  • The music – you get the single code to download ‘Winters’ Fall’
  • Seeded plantable paper – the paper is embedded with seeds that grows into a plant – a bottlebrush / swan river daisy – (email us if you have a preference.  If you’re based in WA or Tasmania, it has to be the swan river daisy)
  • Birdseed cake – handmade by us at Tailor Birds headquarters, dependent on where we’re touring, you can hang these from the trees to feed the birds.  All birdseed is sourced locally from the towns and countries we perform in – like all food, make sure it’s eaten soon, otherwise it will go mouldy.
- DO NOT eat it, even though it might look like a muesli bar.
- It is for the wild birds.  It is NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION.

So, what are you waiting for, order from us now, and you’ll get this unique piece of merch for just $5.  Until then,  check out the flowers that you’ll be able to grow :




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