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Do you want to be a part of our T BIRDS STREET TEAM?

We’re currently building our T Birds road team, and would love to hear from you.  This is a great way to get yourself on guest lists, backstage passes, receive free merch, discounted music and a few other goodies.

Your help directly enables Tailor Birds to grow, and as a member of our street team, you’ll get your very own Tailor Birds package of flyers, posters, birdseed and more, to hand out, poster around, and generally spread the word.

We’re mainly looking for people based in Australia, Holland and Ireland.  However, wherever you are, please get in touch.

Fill out your details in the form below,& we’ll get back to you as soon as we can :

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We’re also running the :


If you’re looking for an outlet for your art, we want to hear from you!!  As part of our ongoing support of local artists, we’re always looking for artists.  Perhaps you might want to make a drawing/picture/painting of a violin, including the words Tailor Birds. Your work can have birds, music notes, leaves, anything!!

Open to all ages, we’re looking for images in any medium :

  • Pencil
  • Watercolor
  • Acrylic
  • Even a collage

It can be as wacky as you want, we’re looking for a range of styles.  It just needs to be FRESH, ENGAGING, and at the end of the day, BEAUTIFUL.

You’ll receive your very own Tailor Birds package incl. free tickets to shows in your area, free merch, discounted music, and a few other goodies.
PLUS : YOUR work will be featured as part of our social media, and other online work.

Obviously if we’re doing shows in NSW, we ideally want to feature NSW based artists.  The same goes for VIC, and further afield – Holland, Ireland…..(we’ll try and link up our artists with the places we’re playing as close as we can).

SO GO ON……if you’re keen on getting your work out there, looking for something creative to be a part of, wanting to get back into your artistic stride…..then get out the pens and pencils, and send us in something beautiful.

You can either email your entries to  OR Fill out your details and upload your artwork in the form below (standard .jpg format) :

(As this is part of our ongoing support of local artists, we’ve made the competition ongoing)

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